Casement windows open to the outside and up to 90 degrees. Thickness of the frame is 69 mm and double glazing is used. Hinges are fixed to both upper and lower edge. Casement windows are completed with Winlock hardware. Special safety hooks can be fixed to casement windows to ensure additional safety.

   Design of the window and hinge construction achieves a safe balance of the sash even when the window is fully opened.

   Windows are tested at the BSI Testing Institution in the UK and comply with BS 7950 standards.





  • Raw material: Finger-jointed pine, solid pine or oak
  • Frame: 71 x 69 mm
  • Sash: 63 x 69 mm
  • Glass: Double glazed (24 mm) with selective coating and argon gas
  • Wooden drainage cover
  • Ventilation opening
  • Safety hooks
  • Hardware: Winlock, Kenrick and Costwold
  • Handle: Winlock Imperial
  • Finish: Varnishes or paint from RAL or NCS catalogue





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Atlantic                                    Chinchilla                                Crepi                                       Delta                                        Diamonte

Kura                                         Niagara                                   Ornament 512                       SGG Mariss                             SGG Parsol Hall




Sound-proof glass ensures excellent sound isolation and effectively drowns out any noise.




Sun-protection glass absorbs the energy of sunlight and reflects it back. Due to its shielding material, the glass will ensure that sunlight will not have as much of an effect on the temperature of the room and will limit the extent to which the room is heated from sunlight.



Self-cleaning glass glass with a self-cleaning coating that does not need to be cleaned as often and is more resistant to mechanical damage. The glass functions due to two natural components – the sun and the rain. The UV light of the sun dissolves dirt and makes them easier to clean. The rain washes away what is left of the dissolved dirt from the glass.




Safety glass is five times tougher than ordinary glass. By equipping windows or doors with tempered glass, building safety is increased. If broken, the glass crumbles into small pieces that are less hazardous.



Decorative crossbars


             Rustic type                                  Wooden                               Aluminium                                 Wooden



       Winlock Imperial                  


For further information please contact Eastern Beavers LTD


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