Venered Doors


Solo 11050


Veneered doors with decorative 5 mm wide aluminum panel. Location and number of metal panels – in accordance with the customer’s wishes.


Solo 11053


Horizontally structured, radical (not for all types of veneer) wood veneering.




Sonate 11032


Flush glazed door. A combination of different glass types is possible.




Solo 11027


Modern design doors executed in the minimalism style – combination of the horizontally and vertically structured wood.



Preludija 12023


Frame design doors with profile frame and decorative glass.




Preludija 12025


Frame structure doors with profile frame and decorative glass.



Stripas 11048


Wooden plate structure doors. Five types of wood are used in the door veneering.



Dolce 11045


The door veneering is executed by the combination of two types of wood. It is recommended to produce from birch.





Mozaika 11049


Place structure doors with decorative glass insertions.

Studio 11046


Door veneering is executed by means of intarsia technology, combination of two veneer types. Birch or maple in combination with the cherry-tree square parts is recommended.



Studio 11047


Door veneering is executed by means of intarsia technology, combination of three veneer types: birch, cherry-tree and karelian birch.



Forte 12006


Frame structure doors with panels and decorative frames.




Forte 12003


Classical panel framed door. Panel form establishes visually attractive and respectable appearance.



Forte 12004


Frame structure doors with panels and decorative glass.



Viola 15004


Frame structure doors with panels and decorative glass. Unique design establishes wavelike decorative elements.




Viola 15006


Frame structure door with panels and decorative frames. Unique design establishes wavelike lines of the decorative elements





Solo 11001 (51)


Plate-structure doors from the solid pine-wood. The leaf is veneered with decorative sliced veneer.

Solo 11001


Plate-structure doors with vertically structured wood texture. The leafs are veneered with natural sliced veneer.



Mosaic 11052


Model is veneered with decorative wenge veneer. Can be offered in the version of natural radial oak-tree veneer. Non-framed construction of glassing. Glass – Satinato.




Solo 11057


Model is veneered with natural nut-tree veneer. Door leaf and architrave have the same pattern which is obtained by special selection of veneer. Model can be offered in version with exclusive lacquer finish.




We offer wooden doors with frames covered by high-quality natural veneer. Standard veneer kinds are – oak, ash-tree, birch, beech, tanganica. Veneers of other sorts of wood are offered for additional fee.

For door leaf:                                                                               height – up to 2100 mm (leaf thickness 40 mm)                        and 2100-2400 mm (leaf thickness 45 mm)                                  width – from 400 to 900 mm.                                                             For door frame:                                                                    thickness – 80, 100 and 125 mm


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