Scandinavian Balcony Doors

















Scandinavian type outward opening balcony doors are possible to fix in any ventilation mode with the help of a handle. These doors can be combined with openable windows or fixed frame windows. Three different threshold options are available – low aluminium threshold 22 mm, pine/aluminium 42 mm or oak threshold 57 mm.

As with the windows, the balcony doors are tested in the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, and the wooden/aluminium doors have obtained the certificate of “P” marking ( These doors can be manufactured from wood or a combination of wood and aluminium where aluminium covers the outer part of the frame and sash.



Raw material: Finger-jointed pine, solid pine or oak
Frame: 95 x 57 mm or 105 x 57 mm
Sash: 76 x 78 mm
Glass: Double glazed (24 mm) or triple glazed (36 mm)
with selective coating and argon gas
Low aluminium threshold, pine/aluminium threshold or
oak threshold
Plastic glass beads with glass sealing rubber from outside
Glass sealing rubber from inside and outside
3-point key
Hardware: ASSA Fix
Handle: Hoppe Tokyo with a latch from inside
Finish: Varnishes or paint from RAL or NCS catalogue
















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